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Get your brand on the path to success

Strategize. Optimize. Globalize.


Founded in 2003 and based in Israel, Dottraffic has utilized an in house-developed campaign management and optimization platform in order to help clients maximize results and minimize costs of marketing campaigns.

Our clients come from various industries and markets including domestic and international ones.


We aim to offer our clients with a full solution that provides an internet campaign management and optimization software that will provide a wide range of solution to their marketing needs. This includes managing full scale operations starting with sources of traffic and all down to the actual creative ads and statistical analysis. Using our software, we will fully automate optimizations of both ads and traffic sources to ever improve conversions and performance.


​Utilizing our in-house developed platform, we can offer:

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Traffic & Media Optimization

  • Ads Management & Optimization

  • Ad Serving Solutions

  • Website management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Software Development

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