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Web Content Localization

Internationalization of the website is not achieved only via the global means of the Internet. Reaching global target audiences is best done by content localization. But merely speaking the target audience’s language will miss out on culturally specific sensibilities. It will also lack on several SEM terms, missing out on geographically specific keywords for example. Dot Traffic offers web content localization services that extend the website’s reach across the globe without compromising on quality content, marketing aspects and SEO requirements, as mere translation does. Your website needs not settle on a single market speaking a single language. Our web content localization services allow you to aim at the entire world.

Multilingual Content Development

Web content contains much more than only what the web pages present to users. Multilingual content development, as Dot Traffic offers in over 19 languages, optimizes all aspects of content, including text hidden from the user, Meta Tags, and the overall use of keywords on the site. This is done based on professional target audience, search engine and language research.

Multilingual SEO Copywriting

Dot Traffic offers quality, original and unique copywriting in over 19 languages, to best carry the website over to the various language speaking markets. Your target audience in French and the one in Chinese should not necessarily see the same exact content. “To each his own” is our motto when we compose content for optimized website diversity.

Multilingual SEO Articles

Users and search engines acknowledge regularly updated websites. Content is one efficient way of doing so, mainly in the form of SEO articles. Dot Traffic provides relevant, unique and quality SEO articles in over 19 languages. Our multilingual content services are optimized for the website’s success with target audiences and search engines at non-English speaking markets. No generic RSS feeds, but personally tailored articles based on multilingual keyword research.

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