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SEM/SEO Consulting

Search Engine Marketing is most important for operating a successful web business. In some cases, with the right counseling, management and skill, it can be done in-house. Companies that have webmasters, content and design teams and wish to complement their websites in terms of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing may contact Dot Traffic for its SEM/SEO Consulting services. Our experienced team will guide and train your company in the various aspects of managing SEM campaigns and the technical actions that are required. Dot Traffic will work together with the client to create a step by step business plan for executing Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns (PPC) and SEO strategies and continue to escort the process in the following stages.

Our SEM/SEO Consulting team will analyze the current structure, content and design of the website. Research of the relevant market and a clear understanding of the client’s needs and expectations will together help us design an overall strategy with specific goals and stages for promoting the site on organic and sponsored listings. An easy to implement and cost effective Search Engine Marketing module will be formulated for the client to take on. Current limitations will be solved and original solutions will be created to advance the website’s listings position on sponsored listings with immediate effect and on organic search engine results for consistent rankings for the long term.

Dot Traffic offers SEO Consultancy that will promote the client`s website on search engine result pages in organic means. SEO aspects include conducting keyword research analysis, deep site analysis, selecting a search engine to focus on, tracking traffic and more. PPC Consultancy, on the other hand, focuses on online advertising campaigns. Our PPC Consultancy includes strategies for reducing Cost per Click expenses, boosting lead and sale totals, utilizing web pages for completing transactions and more. Dot Traffic will also help you enhance your website’s link popularity, offering link building consultancy that will lead focused traffic and push you up SERPs.

Contact Dot Traffic to learn how to manage your own successful SEM campaign. We urge you to benefit from the experience we have and the professional counseling service we provide. Together, we can have your organic and sponsored search engine results make it to the top.

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