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SEM Campaign Management

Dot Traffic will lead your company through all stages of a professional, successful and cost effective Search Engine Marketing campaign. Optimizing a website and promoting it to the top of search engine results is not done overnight. Nor is it over with once achieved. The process has many stages. It begins with you, the client, your needs and goals, with each step on the way designed to bring more quality, focused traffic to your website. In fact, the process never loses sight of your needs and goals, not until you achieve them and then too for continuous effect. The service provided by Dot Traffic from bottom to top, from inception to culmination, takes on the following stages.

Client Needs Assessment

To design an SEM campaign that is catered to your company’s needs, those needs must be identified and defined. We assess and identify the client’s business goals, marketing objectives, site history, competitive environment and category dynamics before setting forth with the campaign. Analyzing the client’s perception of himself will help us get you to the top.

Market Definition

Understanding the company’s services and defining the market in which it operates will help focus the SEM campaign. Identifying a market, measuring elements of product awareness and demand, will assist in targeting the right audience. Not merely drawing large traffic to the site but focused traffic that will account for sales is the ultimate goal.

Keyword Analysis Research

At the heart of the SEM campaign is the keyword element, and at the base of the research stage is proper keyword analysis research. Keywords can give you the advantage over competitors in organic SEO and PPC ads alike. Focusing on the ideal keywords and finding related keywords to create a greater spread and effect is based on proper research.

Competition Analysis

Without firm understanding of what other websites the client is going up against in the specific market, the SEM campaign is futile. Best results are achieved only by knowing who the competition is and what their optimization level is. Only a strategy that incorporates these elements can overcome the competition.

Constructing an SEM Module

The best results are achieved by combining both Paid Search Advertising and Organic SEO methods. A module that combines both these elements covers all aspects, both for immediate effect and for long term results, while compensating for the shortcomings of each strategy when standing alone.


Marketing a website demands proactive branding of the product. After determining the website’s objective and target audience, Dot Traffic will manage an overall branding strategy of the domain. A branding campaign that covers all aspects starting with picking a domain name, which in itself has SEO implications in promoting the website, through website design and all the way to use of promotional materials, most notably banners.

Content Development

The website’s content should be both user friendly and search engine friendly. Dot Traffic provides the website with quality content, informative and well written. Re-writing and original copywriting services in any language that the website is designed to feature are the main elements of effective content organic optimization.

Links are key elements in promoting a website’s ranking on organic search engine results. Dot Traffic will optimize the internal link structure of the site – the site map as it is referred to, as well as manage the inbound and outbound links. Setting up the elements of this important element and maintaining it for continuous effect is crucial in any successful SEM campaign.

Website Development

Website development is a critical step, the result of thorough research and dedicated effort. It has user-friendliness aspects as well as SEO implications. Website development, which includes optimizing content, code and internal linking structure, and is based on research and SEO guidelines, can take the website the extra distance in aspects of accessibility and usability. Dot Traffic will develop a website that appeals to the search engine and to the users, to be indexed and ranked higher and to convert users into sales respectively.

Search Engine Submission

In order to have the search engines index your website, now that it is up and running, its URL needs to be submitted. Professional website submission, based on search engine research, is pivotal for getting listed on SERPs. Have an SEO specialist submit your site manually to the right search engines across the web and ensure you are listed where it counts.

PPC Setup

The first step before organic optimization effort yield their results, Dot Traffic will set up and manage Pay per Click ads. These ads, in which the advertiser bids for keywords, produce immediate, even overnight results. They are efficient in bringing attention to the website, drawing targeted traffic to it, testing the effectiveness of keywords, impressing search engines with an investment in SEM and more. From keyword research, through ad creation and bid tracking, Dot Traffic will manage PPC ads in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Ongoing SEM Management

Once the website is up and the even as the search results are pleasing, it takes ongoing effort to stay there. Dot Traffic will make sure your results remain high and even continue to rise. A comprehensive SEM campaign does not only bring your website to the top results you are after, but also keeps you at the top. Long lasting results are achieved only via ongoing management of all SEM elements from keyword adjusting to link management, content updates to Paid Search Advertisement campaign. Regular scheduled reports will keep you informed of our ongoing work, as will your visibility on SERPs. Read more.

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