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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Search Engine Marketing strategy that aims at increasing a website’s performance on the search engines by organic means. Search Engine Optimization does not involve any paid for advertising. Instead it is based entirely on natural elements such as content, links and code optimization. A successful SEO campaign is not designed and executed overnight. It must follow extensive research and analysis of all elements involved: keywords, target audience and search engine research analysis. For SEO to produce meaningful results you need to now who is looking for the product, on what search engine they are looking for it and what keywords they type in their search. Asking the right questions and finding the answers is essential for website optimization.

Content Optimization

Perhaps the most important element of the website is its content, and of SEO is content optimization. Users appreciate content that is engaging, informative and relevant to their search. Search engine spiders too acknowledge such content and rank a website higher on SERPs accordingly. Content optimization includes not only the mere words that appear on the page, but their language, high quality SEO copywriting, keyword usage, regular updates and much more. Read more.

Website optimization includes elements that are not entirely visible to the user but are rather directed at the search engine spiders. One such element is the internal linking structure of the site. Another is deep linking, which directs users and search engines directly to a specific page on the website, not simply the home page, for the purpose of optimizing conversion rates. Link optimization and professional navigation patterns in general bring users and search engines to where you want them to be. It is a way to ensure that as many pages of your website are indexed by the search engine, thus appearing on SERPs. We make sure that this is done.

Links, divided into inbound and outbound links, are organic methods that serve the goal of SEO in increasing ranking on SERPs. The key is relevant, quality links rather than sheer quantity. Our SEO experts will build your website’s link popularity by seeking the most relevant linking partners and making sure that your site is linked by high quality websites for the greatest effect. Reciprocal links, listings on directories, link exchanges and link purchasing are some of the methods by which link building takes place. Read more.

Code Optimization

For the user to follow the link on the SERP and reach the desired page and for the search engine spider to be able to assess the website effectively, many SEO factors must be perfected, among them the website’s code structure. Code optimization achieves higher ranking on natural results pages as well as a better, faster and more accessible website. From script and links to text color and server downtime, code optimization is a vast SEO discipline.

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