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Pay per Click Advertising

Search Engine Marketing campaigns consist of two strategies Paid Search Advertising and Search Engine Optimization. Each strategy is made of many elements, each alone and all together contribute to the overall marketing goals. Within Paid Search Advertising, one could find several core methods, one of which is Pay per Click Advertising.

Overnight Results!

While SEO ranking gradually improves through organic methods, these Pay per Click ads can generate immediate results greater visibility and targeted traffic. SEO requires a thorough overhaul of the website, optimizing it in all aspects site structure and design, web content, inbound and outbound links, and so on. Its aim is to improve organic listings, a process that could be lengthy in time. PPC advertising in which the advertiser bids for keywords, however, can promote the site in the meanwhile with immediate results.

Creation and management of Pay per Click campaigns involve the following stages:

Keyword Analysis Research

Careful research goes in to analyzing the market and choosing the best keywords for users' queries. Finding the best keywords to bid on for the PPC ad campaign that will deliver targeted, focused and quality traffic with the highest potential CTR. Research does not cease after the initial research yields the ideal keywords. It will continue being performed on a bi-weekly basis to keep on top of the market trends, user preferences and search engine results. Keywords can be changed or added upon need.

Ad Creation

Based on the keyword research, captivating ads are created that are well phrased, with titles and descriptions that will maximize the ad's Click-Through Rate (CTR). Creating several ads for the PPC campaign to be posted on search engine result pages. The ads are made of titles and descriptions and are designed for a choice of users, based on location, spoken language and other factors. The ads must be well written in order to appeal to users, be informative, unique and above all sell.

Targeted URL Delivery

PPC ads are designed to draw quality targeted traffic to the website at a high CTR. The key remains, though, to keep the visitors at the site once they arrive. Dot Traffic will do this by creating complementary web pages at which the visitor will arrive, with the right content and design that will seal the deal.

Ad Testing

Repeated testing of the ads, called A-B ad testing, to see which ad performs the best. Ad testing is done to identify the most optimized ad and to enhance ad CTR.

Initial Bid Setup

Setting up initial bids for each keyword in order to maximize ad performance and exposure. A carefully crafted and unique bidding strategy will optimize the ad campaign and ensure it appears at the top sponsored search result pages. The value of each keyword will be determined based on various calculations to ensure maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

Bid Tracking

Ongoing, constant tracking of the bids for solid positioning at the top result pages. The keyword inventory will be updated on a monthly basis, adding new keywords to the ad campaign (about 10%, produced in the bi-weekly keyword research performed) and removing poorly performing keywords.

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

Optimization is an ongoing process that includes constant market and keyword research, finding new keywords and optimizing titles and descriptions of the ads.

Monthly Reports

Dot Traffic will produce and present for its client an elaborate monthly report that will include important positioning and keywords data. The ranking and keywords report will show you impression totals, click-throughs, average positioning and more.

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