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Ongoing Search Engine Marketing Management

Paid Search Advertising and organic Search Engine Optimization efforts, when combined, bring you to the fore. At Dot Traffic we do not settle with our client’s website merely being indexed and listed on search engine result pages. The results we seek are to push up higher. We realize that reaching the top SERPs is only half the story and certainly not an invitation to rest. A comprehensive Search Engine Marketing campaign uses Paid Search Advertisements and SEO methods in order to produce long lasting top results. Dot Traffic will update your website’s content, maintain its links and fine-tune the keywords for ongoing success.

Content Management

A website must never stay static. For users to return to the website, its content must be up to date and always relevant. This applies not only to the users, but to search engines too, who like users acknowledge a regularly updated website. Hence web content that frequently updates on a regular basis is part and parcel of a long term SEM strategy.

Reciprocal and non-reciprocal links are key SEO elements that help promote a website on SERPs. Link building must be followed by ongoing maintenance. The quality of the website that directs users to your own should be examined on a regular basis, as do outbound links, to best ensure they remain valuable links and active sites. Additionally, new links should constantly be gathered. As important as links are for organic website optimization, so is upholding them over time.

PPC Management

Pay per Click ads are fluid entities. Based on a bidding system and on keywords, these elements need always be inspected. Your bid can be the highest one moment and drop the next. To stay on top and spend only what is necessary, bids must be examined. Similarly, the initial keyword research produces only the base for keywords, which later must be evaluated for efficiency and updated for relevancy.

Reports and Analysis

At Dot Traffic we believe in full transparency and ongoing contact with our clients. As part of the SEM campaign, we will produce periodical reports. These reports contain information on the various aspects of your website’s performance. Critical SEM questions will be answered, from the most popular keywords to the most popular web pages on the site, the number of daily visits and the number of repeated visits, where visitors come from and what languages they speak, website rankings, impression totals, click-throughs, average positioning and more.

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