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Multilingual Search Engine Marketing

The Internet serves as a terrific platform for your website to reach the far corners of the world. Your target audience could be found at any of these locations, but they might not speak English. Only a third of the online population speaks English. Searches too are not performed solely in English. Dot Traffic’s multilingual Search Engine Marketing operations will have your website reach your target audience with optimization services in over 19 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Chinese and more. We speak your language and we also speak theirs.

Multilingual SEM means much more than translating the website’s content. Mere translation will miss out on specific optimization elements, such as search engine friendly keywords. It will also lose the personal touch when addressing a target audience in certain cultures. Dot Traffic research keywords that will work best with non-English speaking local search engines, not only the global industry’s leaders like Google and Yahoo. We also provide original and unique content services for non-English speaking markets. Combined, Dot Traffic’s multilingual SEM reaches far, but comes up close and personal.

Multilingual Keyword Research

Website content is the result of keyword research. Each non-English speaking market requires a different approach and use of keywords. Dot Traffic’s will find your target audience, the language they speak and the search engines they use. The key terms and phrases picked ensure that the website is optimized to rank high on leading local search engines. Keywords are easily lost in translation. We make sure they are never translated, but rather tailored specifically.

Web Content Localization

Translating website content into the target language will not carry over cultural specific sensibilities and will fail in reaching your marketing goals. Localizing the content of a website helps it reach globally without compromising on language specific content, the campaign’s marketing orientation, keywords or any other aspect. Dot Traffic specializes in devising websites to reach the global audience and yet offer content that is localized. Our SEO oriented, web content localization services include content development, copywriting and unique SEO articles. Read more

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