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Media Buy Advertising

Paid Search Advertising is made of Pay per Click (PPC) ads and Media Buy ads. The former are highly effective text ads that appear as sponsored links on search engine results pages. They are based on specific keywords that draw the most traffic to the website, albeit focused traffic that is interested in the product, as the use of specific keywords helps narrow it down. The Media Buy method too involves ads, although in the case of these ads, they are graphic, appearing on quality, relevant websites. In Search Engine Marketing terminology they are also referred to as banners. Paid Search Advertising also includes Text Link Advertising. They function in a different way than do banners, in the sense that they do not include graphics. But their goal is nevertheless the same – draw traffic to your website.

Like sponsored links, banners produce greater visibility and draw targeted traffic to the website practically overnight. Banner advertising is designed to visually appeal to the targeted users of the website. Banners are strategically posted at relevant quality websites, at which the target audience is found. Only via market research, ad design and strategic use of banners, the method will draw the quality focused traffic that the website is interested in. Such traffic will truly maximize the sales and contribute to the website’s success. Dot Traffic, through graphic design and market research, will create and post banner ads as part of the SEM campaign.

Posted on relevant and quality websites, text link ads catch the attention of your target audience and potential visitors, directing them to your website. By using text only, no graphics or images, users will find these ads and follow them to where you want them to be. Dot Traffic provides professional SEM management and strategic use of text link advertising that will have you find the users, not the other way around, thus enhancing the website’s traffic and sales.

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