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Content Management Solutions

Internet users acknowledge quality web content, but they are not alone. Website content should not only be user friendly, but search engine friendly as well. Users and search engines appreciate web pages that contain unique content, which they were led to expect and are promised to find helpful and appealing, even gripping. Along with deep linking, keyword density and other SEM elements, SEO content is integral to organic optimization of websites. Search engines such as Google place high value in unique website content when ranking pages and determining the position on the search engine results page. Dot Traffic will create content for your website that will satisfy the three pillars of website content SEO efficiency, marketing orientation and language specificity.

Content Development

Dot Traffic supplies content optimization services to its clients that address the two principal elements of SEO user friendliness and search engine requirements. Website content begins with keyword research that determines the key terms and phrases for the website"s target market. The optimum keywords and the correct use of them - positioning and density - are all taken into consideration in authoring the text. In all, content optimization may be the rewriting of text that already exists on the site or composing entirely original text, as the need may be. Search engines, like users, prefer unique content, quality information over sheer quantity, and an overall user friendly experience. Dot Traffic will identify these aspects and produce web content of the highest value. We also consider other SEO content elements that are hidden from sight, create Meta Tags, compose Meta Keywords and conceive other text elements that target the search engines and may be altogether hidden from users.

SEO Copywriting

Content that appears on the web page must not only focus on user and search engine friendliness, it also needs to sell. Our SEO copywriting service can help you achieve this goal. Via well written, effective SEO copywriting the site can sell the featured product it features, generate the most leads, reach the broadest audience and attain any goal it is designed to achieve. Copywriting and promotional writing moves you closer to your goal of selling, the ultimate aspect when it comes to factoring the cost effectiveness of a Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Web Content Localization

Most searches online are not in English. We offer to convert your website into over 19 different languages. More than just reaching your target audience regardless of the language they speak, Dot Traffic will touch them. We know that mere translation of the website content will miss out and lose keywords on the way. Therefore, our multilingual SEM reaches the destination culture while using keywords for maximum optimization effect. Read more

SEO Articles

As the final stage of an ongoing SEM campaign, or as a service for existing websites, Dot Traffic provides unique content updates. We provide websites with quality SEO articles in over 19 languages that are unique, relevant and acknowledged by users and search engines alike. Content updates, most effectively in the form of SEO oriented articles keeps the website relevant and draws users and search engine spiders to it for repeat visits. We bring you unique content, not mere RSS feeds that appear on hundreds of sites. Content optimization never ends and Dot Traffic never rests.

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