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Software Management Services

Dot Traffic's software management services are tailored to your business, making it easy for you to stay at the top of your industry. Our software manages all aspects of your client's campaigns, and includes features such as automatic updates, language support, domain and hosting support, statistical analyses. Our easy-to-use interface makes for easy management of your employees. We'll keep your business running effectively and smoothly, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your company.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies are designed to promote a website on search engines, increasing your visibility and maximizing your Return on Investment. It is a highly specialized discipline, demanding thorough research, marketing experience and technical know-how. Dot Traffic provides a complete SEM plan, tailored for your needs and business goals. We will walk you through all stages, from market and keyword research to the final stages of SEM management.

SEM is made of two strategies, Paid Search Advertising and organic Search Engine Optimization. Each method achieves marketing goals differently. Paid Search Advertising involves bids over keywords and the use of Media Buy advertising for immediate, overnight results. Pay per Click ads appear on sponsored results, based on bids over keywords. Search Engine Optimization is a large title for various aspects such as Content Management and Link Building. Content specifically is a vast field that includes SEO Copywriting and Web Content Localization. It is a more extensive process, requiring the overhaul of the website in terms of structure and content to rank higher on natural web searches. Its effect is long lasting and highly efficient in terms of ROI.

When combined under a single Search Engine Marketing campaign, both methods make for an ideal marketing effort and yield maximum exposure. Not only does PPC advertising produce immediate targeted traffic for the time being until the SEO efforts yield results, but it also serves as a testing ground for keywords that can then be used as part of the optimization campaign. At a cost at first, the keywords can later be used free for long lasting effect. Investing in PPC contributes to SEO in an additional way. Search engines acknowledge investment in websites, marketing efforts and paid advertising included.

Search Engine Marketing Services offered by Dot Traffic:

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