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SEO and PPC: The Best of Both Worlds


Search Engine Marketing is made up of two core strategies, Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, an understanding of which can lead to the right decision in choosing which is right for your needs and business goals. Moreover, successfully combining the methods can produce the ideal results that make the most of their strong points and downplay their respective disadvantages.

To appear on natural search engine results there is really one strategy to choose - SEO. PPC ads will have a website appear on sponsored links, still on the search results page, but separate from the natural results, on the side of the page or highlighted in some way. While the former requires a one-time investment into modifying the website for higher organic optimization, the latter is basically paid advertising, with costs accumulating as long as the program continues. Another difference is found in how soon the techniques take effect, with PPC being immediate and remaining as long as the bid remains competitive, and SEO taking longer to take effect, but once top results are achieved, it remains there for the long term.

These elements of which results the website will be featured on, the costs involved and what time frame the techniques cover are three fundamental criteria to contemplate and choose between. Of course, the SEM campaign can combine the two methods for ultimate results. Choosing both PPC ads and SEO will have the website enjoy the best of both worlds: it will appear on sponsored links while organic optimization and re-modifying of the website is taking place, until it appears on natural search results; the expense on ads will be only temporary until the SEO investment kicks back; PPC ads will cover the intermediate time and the SEO effort will take care of the long run. At the end of the process, the top search engine results, if indeed achieved by focused quality traffic, will make sure the high position remains for the future to come, demanding no more than ongoing management of the SEM campaign, mostly SEO efforts but PPC too, as you like it.

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