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Make Links Work for You


Organic Search Engine Optimization is a long process, which takes time to complete and certainly time to show rewards. Organic search results are not achieved overnight, as they require effort be invested in remodeling the website so that it appeals to search engines. What is this effort and where is it invested? Much of the work of optimization is invested in establishing the website’s links. Links - internal and external - are of the most important aspects of modifying a website to have it appeal to search engines and users alike.

Links are an essential element of organic website promotion. The glue that binds the entire web together, links are also a measure of a website’s popularity, quality and relevance. At this there are two elements: internal link optimization and external link optimization. The former accounts for links within the site that direct users and spiders from page to page on the same website. Optimizing them may take the form of, for example, having all pages that have a link to the home page renamed so as to maximize a keyword combination, such as ‘cheap flights home’ rather than simply ‘home’.

Then there is the external links optimization element. A website is measured by visitors and search engines by the quality and relevancy of links that direct traffic to the site and from the site to web pages on other sites. Such external link optimization can have spiders follow different paths to the website, which will help the site’s visibility. External links require research that will yield the best websites to exchange links with, establish the links and maintain them over time, making sure they remain relevant and operational for long term organic optimization effect.

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