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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known by the acronym SEO, is a division of the larger Search Engine Marketing world. Unlike the Internet marketing methods that involve paying for listings on search engines, Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that aims at increasing the Website’s performance on the search engines in organic, or natural, means.

Such organic search listings are based on the search engine’s crawler visiting the Website and finding it relevant for a score of reasons to the user’s specific search. The search engine will then rank the Website or page higher on its search results, thus increase visibility and help drive traffic. Crawlers, also known as spiders and bots, search the Web regularly and automatically. They index Websites and pages and rank them according to complex calculations, referred to as search engine algorithms. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft operate such crawlers and run algorithms, kept secret from the rest of the industry.

Research of users’ searches and matching them with the Website’s structure and content are the basis of Search Engine Optimization. The Website needs to be optimized with the search engine crawlers in mind and the human users, to bring greater visibility to the Website and quality, interest users to the page.

The industry’s specialists in achieving such optimum search engine results are called Search Engine Optimizers. Contact us at Dot Traffic and learn how a professional Search Engine Optimization of your Website can help increase the traffic you see and the business you generate. At times, an Internet marketing campaign reaches the best results when combining SEO with Search Engine Marketing and other paid inclusion and Pay per Click advertising methods.

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