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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known by the acronym SEM, is a set of Internet marketing strategies that are designed to promote a Website’s visibility and Web traffic, the bottom line being selling the product and offering the Website services to a greater number of users who are indeed interested. Search Engine Marketing includes a score of methods, described in the following.

Search Engine Marketing strategies are focused on promoting the Website through the various search engines that operate online, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Purchasing paid listing space on search engine result pages or promoting the Website organically, optimizing its performance to reach the top results through unpaid methods, are the two main aspects of Search Engine Marketing, the latter more specifically referred to as Search Engine Optimization, and including an overhaul of the entire site in terms of structure and content to rank higher on natural Web searches.

Website publishers and advertisers may buy, through paid placement and paid inclusion programs, listings on search engines and ensure their appearance on result pages. This direct marketing method, however, is not offered as a service on Google.

Other than paid inclusion and Search Engine Optimization, a third method of Search Engine Marketing is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. A Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing campaign is intended to do the same, increase in number and quality the Web traffic to the site, by having the advertiser bid for certain search words and phrases, which are relevant to the site and the product offered on it. The search engine calculates the bid and other relevancy factors in publishing the results.

Banners, email marketing, affiliate marketing and article writing are additional methods of Search Engine Marketing, making as a whole a vast world of professional knowledge in Internet marketing. Contact Dot Traffic for the SEM services that will help your site score highest on the search engine.

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