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Reciprocal link

Reciprocal links, also known as link swaps, link exchanges and link partners, are considered the glue that binds the World Wide Web together as they allow users to cross between Websites, pages and documents. They are also key SEO tools, as search engines factor links in evaluating a Web page’s ranking to some degree. Search Engine Optimization will therefore improve the links feature of the Web page, by exchanging reciprocal links among other Search Engine Optimization means.

Reciprocal links promote mutual Web traffic between two (or more, by more complex means) sites, but do not necessarily and directly improve the page rank in the search engine calculations. As a matter of fact, it might even have a negative effect. Posting reciprocal links on a Web page must therefore be well thought out in advance, preferably by Search Engine Optimization specialist, and not simply by submitting sites to such online reciprocal link exchange directories.

Google’s page rank algorithm considers link popularity in its evaluation of Websites, thus fueling the practice of trading reciprocal links. Search engines, however, do prefer quality, relevant and natural links that are not a result of a link exchange agreement. Besides, reciprocal links with competitors, rather than with relevant businesses that may complement a Website, may turn out to be more harmful than beneficial.

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