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Paid Listing

Paid listing is also referred to as sponsored results and is one of two core juxtaposed Search Engine Marketing strategies, along with organic search engine results. Search engines offer products such as paid placement and paid listings, which advertisers may buy and via which they may appear on search engine result pages based on relevancy and in return for a fee. How it works and what exactly it can yield in SEM terms is described in the following.

Organic Search Engine Optimization based on the use of keywords and the entire restructuring of a Website is a process that may take weeks or even months to accomplish. By purchasing space on the search results page on a Pay Per Click basis, according to keyword relevancy, a Search Engine Marketing campaign can produce results with much greater immediacy, as well as be activated and de-activated as you wish, practically overnight.

A paid listing approach requires thorough keyword research in order to learn what words, terms and phrases are available and will generate the most Web traffic via the paid listing advertisement. Appearing on screen as a sponsored listing helps build credibility and increase visibility for the Website, not only draw Web traffic. Paid listings may appear on search engines that list sponsored links or alongside the organic search results, under a header that will say “sponsored links,” for example.

Choosing a paid listing campaign can come instead of or as complementary to an organic Search Engine Optimization campaign. Contact Search Engine Marketing Company Dot Traffic to learn which method is best suited for your Website and your business needs. We will design the ideal and most professional Search Engine Marketing campaign.

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