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Outbound Link

Outbound links appear on a Web page and direct users and search engine crawlers to another Web page. They can links between different Websites or between pages on the same site. Outbound links are key elements in Search Engine Marketing campaigns, as the smart use of them helps promote a Web page’s ranking by appealing to the search engine crawlers and to the end users alike.

Hyperlinks are an integral part of the Internet. Websites, pages and documents can be accessed and linked freely, leading users from one document to another with ease and comfort. Outbound links are such hyperlinks that link pages across the Web. Outbound links have Search Engine Optimization value as well, as search engines recognize quality and quantity of links that direct to a Website, thus improving its standing on the search engine results page.

Outbound links are composed in HTML code. They may be text or an image, often appear as a highlighted phrase “Click here” or similar other. Search engines rank Web pages higher if they contain more outbound links of quality. Such considerations are complex and must be structured with care. Outbound links to dead end Web addresses obviously are valued differently by the search engine than would links to quality sites, and differently yet from use of certain keywords as links, for example.

The Internet is flowing with research of the nature of outbound links in general and whether outbound links are actually a factor in promoting Search Engine Optimization of a Website, or how much of a factor they really are. Contact us at Dot Traffic to find out the answer and how your own Website can benefit from the correct use of outbound links.

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