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Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization is the SEM term for unpaid high ranking results on search engines. Organic, also known as “natural” SEO, is juxtaposed with Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. The latter SEM method involves the bidding for keywords and acquiring space at the search engine result pages. It is rather costly, yields immediate results and is short term in nature. The organic SEO method, however, involves complete optimization of the company’s Website and long term investment in building up towards top search engine results. These results are not overnight, but are long lasting. The bottom line points at the long term effect of organic SEO over the short term PPC effects.

As mentioned above, organic SEO requires an overhaul of the Website and a clear strategy for the long term, but practically assures a high return on investment (ROI). Additionally, users tend more to follow search engine results that are natural rather than paid-for advertisement links. The work invested in the organic SEO project, including increasing link popularity and optimized Website content, is long lasting and will not have the site removed from the search results at the end of the period.

Organic SEO is a long term project with long term results. It might take as much as three months to establish the top ranking the Website aims for at the search engine results, but with a professional working plan it will remain there for months to follow. Dot Traffic is a Search Engine Marketing company that specializes in long term, high value and efficient ROI organic Search Engine Optimization of Websites. Contact us to inquire what it takes to organically build up your site to the top of the search results page and keep it there.

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