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Organic Listings

Search engines list results based on varying factors they deem relevant based on the user’s search keywords. Organic search engine listings, also known as “natural” listings, are those listings that appear on the results page solely based on relevancy factors. Organic listings are juxtaposed with paid listings, which are ranked on the results page based on how much the advertiser paid the search engine to post them. Organic Search Engine Optimization campaigns are designed to improving the organic listings of Websites in “natural” SEO means.

High ranking organic listings are achieved by means of overhauling the Website and structuring it in a long term process to improve its listing. It does not involve paying for the space on the search results page, but rather on thorough and correct Website optimization. This is where SEO and SEM differ. It is true that non-organic listings, listings that the advertiser paid for, may appear among the organic listings on the page, but they will not remain there in the long term, as they will be removed as soon as their Pay Per Click campaign is terminated.

Top organic listings may take as long as a month or even three to achieve. Research and analysis of the ideal keywords, the competition online as well as learning the search engine specifications and many more elements factor in. but at the end of the process, the search engine listings, being organic and strategically obtained, will be maintained for the long term.

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