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Link popularity

In the Search Engine Optimization calculations, a certain Web page’s rank increases if other Websites link to it. This is a measure of a successful Search Engine Marketing design. The number of links that direct users and search engines to the Web page, along with the quality of these linking sites, is one of the factors that help promote a site’s rank. The rational behind the ranking system that search engines follow is that a Website rich in valuable content will have more links directing to it, i.e. great link popularity. How is this measured?

Having other Websites and pages direct traffic to your own site with the use of links of all kinds – simple text references, images, banners and hot areas - is a measure of link popularity. Moreover, it brings Web traffic and directs search engine crawlers to your Website, thus achieving exactly what the Search Engine Marketing campaign was designed to attain – higher search engine results and larger, more focused and relevant Web traffic.

There are, as with practically all other aspects of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, many aspects to maximizing link popularity. It takes careful layout and thoroughly thought-out planning of links to increase a Web page’s link popularity. Search engines have learned to identify ways in which Websites try and fool the crawlers by interlinking domains owned by the same Website, for instance. Other methods exist that try to fool the system. This is exactly why SEM specialists are needed for this task. Dot Traffic can help you increase your Website’s link popularity, increase your page rank and optimize your entire Search Engine Marketing needs in the most professional and successful way.

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