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Link exchange

Link exchange is a Search Engine Marketing tool for increasing a Web page’s standing in the eyes of search engines. The means by which this is done is reciprocal linking of two separate Websites. Arranging for a link exchange with another Website is done by Webmasters in many ways, not all efficient, though. Often a Website will offer to host other sites’ links and accept similar requests from others. These links can be of any Website interested or of certain sites relevant to the particular host.

According with the Search Engine Marketing reasoning that more links mean higher ranking by search engines, such practices as link exchange have become more popular. But the search engines are much more sophisticated that that, analyzing links to check how relevant they really are and preferring one sort of link (incoming, for example) over others (simple exchange of links). Dead links are also detrimental to a Website’s ranking, for example.

Other factors that further complicate link exchanges are that linking to certain Websites may backfire if they are low ranking and irrelevant, that some link exchange services charge a fee, and other calculations. The search engine may even be affected by the links to a Web page when it determines its theme, possibly confusing the site’s general goal or purpose as well as misunderstanding its Search Engine Optimization campaign.

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