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Keyword density

After choosing the Website’s keywords, the Search Engine Marketing campaign must decide where and how often to use the keywords and phrases on each and every Web page. The keyword density is the percentage of words that correlate with the keyword, a calculation that helps search engine crawlers identify the page’s content and theme.

Naturally, as the Web page is eventually for the users to visit and read, the keyword density must be repeated and used within reason, not just have the page stuffed with meaningless repeated occurrences of the keyword. Identifying the ideal keyword density and optimizing the search engine results by smart use of it is a trade of the business, which a Search Engine Optimization specialist such as Dot Traffic masters best. The secret lies between not over-using it (“spamming” the Website) and using it just enough (to still draw the optimum effect).

Along with keyword popularity and keyword prominence, the importance of smart use of this basic Search Engine Optimization element cannot be underestimated. Much thought and professional research must go into effective use of keywords, appealing to search engine crawlers and Internet users alike. The Internet is full of many advice Websites that will offer formulas for correct and effective keyword density, but the truth is it cannot be easily calculated by a computerized machine. The search engine specifications are indeed specific, and vary over time. So are the users’ preferences, all in all making keyword density an important yet evasive element.

The Search Engine Marketing Company Dot Traffic can help you design your Website with the ideal keyword density that will appeal to the search engine and your Website’s target audience alike.

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