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Keyword research

The importance of keywords and phrases for the ideal Search Engine Marketing campaign, which are designed to generate the most relevant search results, requires careful and specific thought and consideration. That being said, keywords are quite complicated and complex elements and must be chosen and used after careful thought and serious research, ideally performed by an SEO expert company.

First there is the selection of the keyword or phrase, one or more, that best capture the essence of the Website, the service it offers and the users it wishes to draw. The keyword must be ideally designed for optimizing search engine results as well as for the users’ interests and thinking. It does not end there, as the correct use of the keyword, in terms of density and prominence factor in as well.

Since there is an expense involved, namely in a Search Engine Marketing campaign in which the purchase of keywords is a part of the package, Return On Investment (ROI) analysis must also be evaluated, so as to lead to the most accurate and unique keywords. Smart keyword research will yield better marketing results and smarter cost management for the business.

Such research must take into consideration the search engine crawlers and the specific search engine preferences (Google, Yahoo! and other search engines have different algorithms operating) as well as the end users who are the eventual target audience who visit the Website and read its content. With many elements factoring in, it is best to conduct careful marketing research before picking, committing and using keywords. This can best be done by Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization experts, not just any online calculator. Contact us to find out about the SEO services Dot Traffic can provide you with to maximize your search engine results and popularity among Internet users.

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