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Inbound Link

Hyperlinks from Websites that send users to another domain are called inbound links, from the perspective of the Website referred to. From a Search Engine Optimization point of view, such inbound links are free advertising and generate Web traffic to your site. Inbound links thus help users cross domains and reach other sites with valuable information they may be interested in, as well as help the targeted Website score higher on the page rank meter, a critical factor in any Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Search Engine Marketing campaigns include smart management of a Website’s inbound links. These must be of quality, as search engines distinguish between links depending on the page rank of the Website they appear on and on other factors. Not all inbound links are valued equally by the search engine algorithms, nor by the end users themselves. There are many ways to create an effective and successful inbound links exchange campaign, including identifying Web pages you are interested in exchanging links with and having inbound links to your site features at.

Complimentary to inbound links are outgoing links, which direct Web traffic from your site to other sites and pages. Outgoing links are important in the context of inbound links, as they too are factored in the Website’s page rank and can be exchanged in a campaign with other Websites.

Information on this important Search Engine Marketing tool is readily available online, but you will soon find it to be confusing and elaborate. The expertise which a Search Engine Optimization company such as Dot Traffic brings to the table in managing inbound links and optimizing the Website’s page rank and search engine results is invaluable. Contact us and find out how you can improve your Web page’s Search Engine Optimization results with smart use of inbound links.

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