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Pay Per Click

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC) is a pricing model for Search Engine Marketing campaigns, as well as other advertising strategies, which is based on the number of clickthroughs the advertising generates at the end of the day. It is a pay for performance model in essence, where the actions that users take, namely clicking on the advertisement, count rather than impressions or other factors.

Website publishers bid on keywords that they believe their potential market will type at the search engines. These sponsored links will then appear on the search engine results page, and depending on the specific agreement between advertiser and search engine, the former pays the latter based on the clickthroughs the ad generates. A click on the ad means a user is directed to the advertiserís Website and the advertiser pays the search engine as the contract specifies.

Google AdWords, Yahoo!, MSN and others operate Pay per Click services. They usually charge anywhere between $0.01 and $0.50 for a click, and may penalize for any click fraud, a practice that is not at all favored around the SEM world. PPC bidding may be over keywords, strategically selected and making up the heart of Search Engine Marketing in general. Product PPC has advertisers operate like product price comparison engines, as do Service Pay Per Click offerings.

Picking the right Search Engine Marketing strategy for a Web based business, including the best Pay Per Click pricing scheme and other aspects is complex. Professional optimization of a Website involves many decisions that should ideally be based on thorough research and a clearly formulated strategy. Contact Dot Traffic for such advice and a service that will help promote your Website ranking and the businessís bottom line.

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