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Are SEM and SEO the same?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term that includes the various methods of promoting websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). It includes both Pay per Click advertising (PPC) that list websites on sponsored listings, based on a bidding system for keywords, as well as organic optimization. The latter, a strategy called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is designed to improve a website's position on SERPs via natural means, such as improving the website's structure, optimizing its content, smart use of inbound and outbound links and so on.

How can optimization help my website?

Search Engine Optimization is an organic method for reaching higher natural results on search engines. Organic results among others are based on keyword relevancy and the website’s content, unlike paid listings that are ranked based on bids or commercial payments. A majority of Internet users prefer organic results. Most clicks on SERPs – about 70 percent – are on such natural results.

Not only are organic results more popular, they are focused on reaching the target audience. The product of optimizing the website, they reach visitors who seek the service proactively, not merely offered it in an advertisement.

Furthermore, optimization is long lasting, not merely an advertisement up one day, gone the next. Once optimized, traffic will keep coming to the website, traffic that is free, demanding little more than maintaining the website after the campaign is already complete.

How long before PPC and SEO produce results?

The two main SEM methods of PPC ads and organic SEO differ on this aspect of the time they take before producing results. While sponsored links appear on the top of SERPs overnight, immediately after purchase, an organic SEO process takes longer to be completed. Since it requires a thorough overhaul of the website in terms of structure, content and design, optimizing the website in aspects of keywords, links and Meta descriptions, among other elements, it may take as long as several months until results are visible.

How many languages does your Search Engine Marketing firm support?

Dot Traffic offers SEM and SEO campaign management in over 19 of the most popular languages. Besides English, we offer the highest quality content, and SEO copywriting services in French, German, Spanish and many other languages. More than simply translating your website’s content into other languages, we maximize content localization and reach your target audience anywhere around the world. We take into account SEM specific aspects such as keyword popularity, unique text and relevant information that will serve the optimization campaign. Our content service in all languages helps promote your website on international and local search engines and drive focused visitors, converting them into sales.

Why outsource to a search engine optimization firm?

Dot Traffic offers SEO expertise and experience gained since 2002. Our SEM services will take your website to the top of search engine results pages by organic and PPC methods that can only be done by a dedicated and professional search engine marketing company as our own. In a highly competitive market, it is important to choose the best to achieve the best.

How can I affect SERP positioning?

The website's position on SERPs could be achieved by sponsored links or organic result listings. By bidding higher on the right keywords, the website will make its way to a higher position among the sponsored links. Attaining a higher position among the organic results is more complicated. It depends on the optimization of the entire website in all aspects – structure, content, design and more.

Does Dot Traffic also offer web development services?

Site construction is an integral part of the entire Search Engine Marketing process. Making it to the top of SERPs is a product of various elements that evolve around the website. As we promote the site's positioning, we also do branding, web design and content management (multiplying the website's languages, providing copywriting services, optimized content) and more.

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