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About us

Dot Traffic's mission is to offer Internet campaign management software that will help manage our clients' websites so they can focus on the most important ingredient - the content. Our software manages all aspects of our client's campaigns, and includes features such as automatic updates, language support, domain and hosting support, statistical analyses. Here are a few words about where we come from. Where we are headed to is the top. We invite you to join us.

Company history

Dot Traffic was founded in 2004. We have since developed our Search Engine Marketing expertise while taking websites of businesses in a variety of industries to the top of search engine results pages and bringing them the largest and highest quality traffic as well as the best return for their investment.

Our client base

Dot Traffic is based in Israel. With research, programming, webmasters, content and design teams we do all the Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization work in-house. Our clients, who come from various industries such and markets are domestic as well as international, with a specially strong client base in the United States.

Our competitive edge

Our professional and dynamic approach, combined with advanced Internet technologies, serve us in serving you. As we strive to reach the top of the competition, we will take your website to the top of search results with us. Your goals and ours are the same.

Our services

In this competitive business world, it takes more than a neatly designed website. Therefore we provide quality services that combine organic website promotion for natural search results and paid search advertising methods. No spam techniques are used by us, only quality service that ensures long lasting results for you and for us too.

To learn more about Dot Traffic and how we can serve you, please contact us.

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